Team-Registration for the "3rd Meat Smoke and Beer" BBQ Competition on April 5th - 7th 2019

Austria's first KCBS sanctioned "Back-2-Back" Competition Weekend with more than 70.000 visitors!!!


Der Bewerb findet nach den Regeln der KCBS als Master-Series-Bewerb statt.


Die Startplätze werden in der Reihenfolge des Zahlungseingangs vergeben.


Das Startgeld beträgt € 250,- je Wettkampftag

Das Startgeld für beide Tage beträgt € 450,-


Wenn noch Guthaben auf die Kaution vom Vorjahr vorhanden ist wird es automatisch abgezogen.


Kein zusätzliches Startgeld für die Nebenkategorien!


Kaution für den Wettkampfplatz € 50,- (Cash in - Cash out)

Conditions of Participation

The Competition takes place according to the rules of the KCBS as master Series Competition.


The Participation to the Competition will assign in the Order of the receipt of payment.


Participation fee is € 250,- per Competition Day

Participation fee for both Days is € 450,- 


If there is still credit balance on the deposit of the previous year's is automatically deducted.



No Fee for the Ancillary Categories!


Bail for your competition area is € 50,- (Cash in - Cash out)

Contest officially sanctioned by

Participation Fee 3rd Meat Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition Wels 2019

If your 2018 Bail for Area is not refund, it will be given as a discount on your 2019 Participation Fee.


Please don´t forget to register the Ancillary Category.


Starting Field is limited to 30 Teams on both days in order of Payment.

450,00 €

  • verfügbar - available

Registered Teams for 2019

1. KGB (HU) Defending Grand Champion 2018

2. Knockstone BBQ (AT)

3. Egghead BBQ (AT)

4. White Squirrel BBQ (DE)

5. Bunch of Swines (UK) 

6. Cooklounge BBQ (AT)

7. Baldicue (AT)

8. Omerta (AT)

9. BBQ4Fun (AT)

10. Sauwald BBQ (AT)

11. West Side BBQ (AT)

12. Feher Nyúl BBQ (HU)

13. Team Natural born Grillaz 2017 (AT)

14. Schluchtengriller BBQ (AT)

15. Dr. Jay's BBQ Sportklub (AT)

16. BBQ Longhorn (AT)

17. Smoke and Fire (BE)

18. Grillspitz BBQ Hunters (AT)

19. Uncle Tony´s Cockney Q (UK)


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